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over the last nine years, has provided detailed reviews of over 700 affiliate and pay-per-click programs. with the dotcom downturn, not all of these programs survive today.

so, one of the most common questions clickquick receives is 'what programs, here, today, are the best for my site?'. to cut to the chase, we are going to answer that question right here. below are the best of the best, that have stood the test of time:

casale media   join   full review
casale media is a relative newcomer, but has quickly caught the eye of many webmasters as a top-notch cpm and pop-under network. the casale media program is highly recommended for all webasters to check out.

azoogleads   join
azoogleads has proven to be many webmasters' favorite cpa network. great customer support, many exclusive offers, very high payouts, and wonderful net 15 payment terms all really help azoogleads push to the head of the pack.

commission junction   join   full review
cj has grown to be one of many webmasters top performers. they offer literally thousands of offers from hundreds of merchants, with a good variety of both affiliate and pay-per-lead programs, including top brands like ebay, overture, compusa, yahoo! and msn.

direct leads   join   full review
direct leads offers a wide variety of pay-per-lead, pay-per-click and co-registration offers. they have a strong reputation in the industry and are highly recommended by webmasters of all types. like all programs here, a top earner for many.

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making the most of pay-per-click programs
an in-depth look at strategies you can use today to improve your web site's revenue.

using bridge pages
this simple method can double the number of sales you refer to affiliate programs from your site.

an inside look at a success story
learn how one web site is earning over $100,000 per month through affiliate and pay-per-click programs.

featured reviews

a large cpa network paying on a per lead basis. lots of offers to review - great for sites with email lists.

a leading brand name moves to the net, and creates an excellent affiliate program to continue their growth.

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1. casale media

2. azoogleads
3. direct leads
4. commission junction


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join the highest paying cpa network. many exclusive offers. net 15 payments.
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higher cpm rates - high quality advertisers - highest fill percentages.

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