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Promoting Affiliate Programs Through Dedicated Web Sites

This is the third in a series of articles looking at some exciting alternative means to promoting affiliate programs. In the two previous articles we looked at how to promote affiliate programs through and through banner exchanges. This article focuses on how to specifically promote an affiliate program through a dedicated web site. Read on for what is involved, and how you could use this method to successfully promote you favorite affiliate program.

The traditional method (if there is tradition for a concept that is only about 2 years old) of marketing affiliate programs has been to find programs that fit the interests of your site's visitors, sign-up, and promote them on your site through banner ads, text links, or personal testiomials. Many sites which operate email newsletters have also found text ads to their subscribers to be particularly successful.

But, what about instead of targeting affiliate programs to your site's visitors, you target a web site to an affiliate program? With the low prices of domain name registration ($70 for 2 years) and web hosting (as low as $6 per month for very basic service - emphasis on 'very') the option of designing a web site for which the sole purpose is to promote an affiliate program is now a distinct possibility.

The idea is quite simple. Start with a good, well-proven affiliate program (such as those listed in the Top Rated Programs section at ClickQuick) and select a domain name that contributes to the marketing appeal of your site to visitors. For example, you could join a program such as One and Only, promoting online personals ads, and then choose a domain name such as Then, rather than simply running ads for One and Only, you make One and Only's services the focus of your new web site.

A real world example of this is Scott Dieken's . Scott has long been a WebPosition affiliate, referring sales to FirstPlace Software for their leading web site promotion tool. However, Scott took the program a bit further than using banners or text ads on an existing site, by creating a new site,, for the sole intention of promoting the WebPosition affiliate program. He combines promotion of the WebPosition affiliate program with product reviews and links to direct downloads, creating a successful sales vehicle for the product.

The obvious advantage of this type of strategy is that you have the opportunity to present a much more comprehensive sales message to your visitors than any individual banner, or even a testimonial, could provide. It also lends a level of professionalism above and beyond standard affiliate-code links, and, if executed correctly, could even help to win the visitor's trust by providing additional information resources.

One thing to keep in mind is that the site will not become a gold mine all on its own. Like all sites, promotion will be the key. However, combining this method with the previous strategy of using to literally buy traffic, could be a powerful combination since can deliver a highly targeted audience right to your highly-targeted web site.


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